Management consultancy

Brainingsafe includes a team of professional trainers and consultants

Organisations are increasingly attaching more importance to occupational health and safety management these days. This is mainly due to the improved awareness about their legal responsibilities to ensure health and safety of their staff and others. Employers are also becoming aware of the exponential benefits they can earn through effective management of OHS risks. Good OHS risks management has lots of financial benefits companies can gain by a number of obvious as well as hidden ways.

Brainingsafe is providing Health and Safety management and consultancy services of international quality standards to business organisations.

Our services include the following:

OHS Management System development and implementation

Having a systematic approach towards health and safety management helps organisations to know what they want to achieve and how they can achieve their goals. It offers companies internationally accepted best management practices so that companies can get an edge over their competitors.

BrainingSafe can offer professional help to your company in developing and implementing an occupational health and safety management system that suits your company’s size, activities and requirements.

OHS Auditing

Auditing helps organisations understand what is going on in the organisation and where the organisation is heading to, in terms of OHS management. BrainingSafe can conduct OHSAS system audits and give you invaluable guidance to improve your system performance. Excel in your business with BrainingSafe support!!